Saying Goodbye

To Mr. Benjamin:


You are off to sail  in new waters here we all are wishing you a great experience in your new place, wishing you luck and success today and always.


Centricity System

Training in Process at Dubai Hospital:


We establish the trainee on centricity system at radiology department at Dubai hospital. Regardless of your departmentís workflow, centricity CR can be configured to provide efficient workflow through diagnostic radiology. Thus all levels are provided initially with one PC with centricity system, and the training started on December 2005 for all Doctors, so that they will be familiar with the system.

Centricity system is DICOM software installed to view all x-Ray images such as CT

Scan, General X-Ray and Ultrasound performed in radiology department at Dubai hospital digitally on the PC.

The ability to attach the large quantity of clinical information, streamline workflow and facilitate secure access to relevant information images, data and text for the right user at the right time. This digital imaging service aims together all clinics, care teams, patient and provider organization to ensure the best outcomes of the health care services.


DOHMS & ICDL course:

 Department of health and medical services started the ICDL course among its employees. In radiology department at Dubai hospital the first batch of the group successfully passed the exams and looking forward to finalize the course modules in the near future.