Welcome to the Dubai Hospital Radiology Departmentís home page for patient education. Patient education is more important today than ever before. In fact it is the fundamental aspect of patient care, as it guides patients to gain their cooperation and make the radiology procedure as smooth as possible.

Generally, a patient arrives at the radiology department without any (or with only basic) information about x-ray examinations.

This site gives a detailed description of preparations, purposes, approximate procedural durations, equipment used and follow up care necessary when the procedure is completed.

This site was designed by Mr. Ashraf Al Najjar with the assistance of Ms. Shaikha Bin Sulaiman. The information was gathered from books, websites, and lecture notes by the radiology website group (Ms.Hessa Bin Sulaiman, Ms. Hanan Ghanem,Ms.ayesha sulaiman,Ms.Shua Darwish; Mr. Ashraf M. Al-Najjar, Mr.Hashim Al-Awadi and Mr.Ali Rahanjam).



Working Hours:

The department works 24 hours a day. However, general x-rays for out patients, CT scan, ultrasound and special procedure examination (IVP, Barium, HSG, etc) are only done from 7am to 3 pm. After 3 the department only accepts ward (in patient) and emergency cases.