Dubai Hospital – Clinical Support Services (CSS) - Nuclear Medicine Section

Training Courses:

A number of training courses were organized by the Nuclear Medicine Section and (Department of Health and Medical Services, DOHMS - Dubai Government) in co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA ). The training courses carried out at the Dubai Hospital were:

1.  Hospital Radiopharmacy, Feb. 1991,  Regional training course.

2.  Screening for Neonetal Hyperthyrodism, June 1995, Workshop for West Asian Countries.

3.   Immunoscintigraphy, March 1996, Regional training course for West Asian Countries.

4. Regional Training Course on Regulatory Authorization and Inspection of Medical Practices, August 2002, Ministry of Electricity & Water, Dubai.

5. Regional Training Course on IAEA Regional Training Course on Nuclear Cardiology, 14-18, December 2002, Dubai Hospital.

6.  National Training Course on Radiation Protection in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology & Pilot, 7-11 June 2003,Continuing Education Department, Central Library, DOHMS, Dubai.

7.  Regional Training Course Nuclear Oncology workshop, 13-17 Dec, 2003, Dubai Hospital.

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