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Adverse reactions to drugs

Doctors are strongly encouraged to report suspected adverse drug reactions to the Chief Pharmacist of AWH.

For established drugs and vaccines all serious suspected reactions should be reported. These are reactions which are fatal, life-threatening, incapacitating, disabling, or which result in prolonged hospitalisation; they should be reported even if the reaction is well recognised. Newer drugs and vaccines are subject to intense monitoring and Doctors and nurses are asked to report all suspected reactions, however minor, which could conceivably be attributed to these drug, even if causality is uncertain or other drugs are being given concurrently.

Any drug may produce unwanted or unexpected adverse reactions. Detection and recording of these is of vital importance. Doctors are urged to help by reporting adverse reactions to the Chief Pharmacist.

Cards for reporting are available in all wards. The information can also be sent through this Web page (see the section on Reporting drug reaction)


This page updated on March 3, 2001